Raw Jade Green Cereal Bowl

Raw Jade Green Cereal Bowl


Perfectly sized for your granola breakfast. Or for some small bites and snacks at the aperitif table.

The inside of the bowl in glazed in the jade green matt glaze, while the outside is left raw in its pure natural form.

Cream coloured stoneware
Jade green matt glaze
D-15, H-5cm

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Food safe

Dishwasher safe

It is advised to treat the raw surface with a transparant vegetable oil before use. This seals the bowl completely and makes it fully dishwasher safe. Pour the vegetable oil over the raw surface, let is soak for 10 minutes and wash it off using dishwashing liquid. Make sure to use the most transparant vegetable oil you can find. Please avoid olive oil for this treatment.

Every item in the online shop is handmade. Hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel or built up by hand, glazed and carefully finished. Because of all this, minor imperfections might be seen on the surface, making each item truly unique.